Take the 52 Weeks of Climate Action Challenge!

Welcome to 52 Weeks! A weekly tip, challenge or suggestion on how to reduce your carbon footprint over the year. Some are quick and easy, some build habits towards a more sustainable lifestyle. You can sign up here for free!
52 Weeks is an initiative conceived by Laurel Hood and Sherri Jackson. Laurel is a retired secondary school teacher from CCI, a climate activist and transportation lead for the Collingwood Climate Action Team (CCAT). Sherri is a writer & speaker, climate activist, communications lead for CCAT, and CCAT's newsletter editor. She also hosted two Green New Deal town halls in the Georgian Bay region.
This year, Earth Day's theme is Climate Action. Starting April 22, you will be emailed a weekly tip that gives you a challenge, or something to think about that week. It will also be posted on social media, local media pages, and on our blog. 
Many of the challenges are rated “good”, “better”, “best”. So you can choose the option that fits with your lifestyle. We’re trying to build awareness and give people viable options for changing habits and behaviours. 
So, sign up.  It's free, and your email address will not be shared. Better yet, sign up with a friend, or get a whole group involved, and challenge each other!

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