Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Week 3: Tracking Your Carbon Part 2

Welcome to week 3! By now you’ve had a week of playing with the North app, and you should have a clearer picture of what your biggest carbon contributors are. Did anything surprise you? Did anything cause you to think twice about your habits? A friend of mine began tracking his daily commute in a Prius no less, and he used up his entire carbon budget for the month - no food, no utilities, no purchases. Pretty eye-opening! We're raising awareness in these early weeks, so if your results are less than stellar, don't worry. We'll get there! Keep using the North app throughout 52 Weeks - you’ll get more tailored data, and a clearer personal analysis the longer you use it.

This week, we’re going to take a deeper dive into what contributes to your footprint, so you can find areas of improvement.

Challenge 3:

  • Gather your gas, electricity and credit card bills.  Then visit one of the following carbon calculators:
  • Enter one month of each bill (good), use one winter and one summer bill (better), or use 12 months of each bill (best).
  • If you want a Carbon Calculator that does not require finding bills try this one:  
  • Make sure you save a copy of your results.
  • For more clarity, you can measure your carbon footprint on all 3 calculators (even better than best!). The footprints will likely be different because they are all estimates. Save your results for week 51!

If you find the results discouraging, do not despair! Most Canadians have carbon footprints that are less than ideal so you are not alone! The most important thing is to understand what choices you make that you could adjust to lower your footprint (and, probably also save money, improve your health, and at the least, give you a different perspective).

Let us know how you’re doing! Post a comment on our blog/social media, or send us an email. See you next Wednesday!

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