Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Week 1: Getting to Know Yourself

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. This year's theme is Climate Action.

For the first challenge, you’ll see how much you know about climate change, and some of the daily choices you make.

The four biggest contributors to greenhouse gases (GHGs) are travel, home, food, and consumption. We’ll focus on these areas over the next year. The 2 Degrees Institute developed these symbols, and we’ll use them too, so you can see right away what your weekly challenge addresses.

Challenge 1:

a)    Try some of these quizzes, and note your results. They’ll help you discover what you already know, and how your current decisions impact emissions. Then have a look around the Earthday site.

b)    Next, read the following articles. Begin thinking about a ten year plan. What could your goals be as individuals (good) as a family (better) as a community/office/school (best)?

This article was originally published in 2008 reprinted in 2018. It addresses 2 of the 4 main GHG contributors. It does not include food or consumption, but the idea of change over time is still relevant:

We’re currently dealing with an unprecedented crisis with the pandemic. The correlations between climate action and COVID-19 are many. Here’s a way to address coronavirus as well as climate change with kids. It’s a great analogy, even if you don’t have kids:

And finally, here’s how the coronavirus is having a positive, albeit temporary impact on pollution, and is there something we can learn from self-isolation that we can carry forward into our daily lives:

Good luck! Keep us updated on your progress over the year. See you next Wednesday! Happy Earth Day.

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